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Field Outdoor Spaces

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Jason Rathe

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Jason Rathe - Designer

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Bryant Avenue Project

All Winners > Landscape Award Winner 2015

Project Description

This design transformed a blighted patch of grass next to a parking area into a plant-rich and ecologically sound pocket courtyard for a 4-unit brownstone in the Wedge Neighborhood of Minneapolis. Our client financed the work as a gift for the association.  The landscape features a permeable patio utilizing Borgert AquaBric pavers. The patio is installed above an 8' x 8' french drain that takes water from the roof of the building. The patio doubles as the snow storage area for the driveway in the winter. One of the central design challenges was achieving visual separation from the parking lot while still maintaining open access for winter snow storage. The solution was to install two 7' cor-ten planters to separate the area, and two large custom built cor-ten pots that can be removed in the winter. Another challenge was how to cover the large 6" PVC storm sewer pipe and overflow. Matching the themes of the space, a traingular cor-ten art piece was designed and custom built, then filled with trap rip-rap. A dry creek bed drains water from the overflow to the edge of the permeable patio surface. Antique park benches the clients owned were incorporated into the design.The planting design focused on choosing plants that create multiple layers so it feels like you are sitting in the middle of a natural space. The planting style of short grasses, strong foliage and ground covers is highly attractive to bees, butterflies. Our firm continues to design and install the annual plantings in the planters and pots - choosing simple and natural contrasts with grasses and shrubs to match the surrounding landscape. One of the highlights of the space is the low-voltage landscape lighting that not only makes the space usable in the evening but also provides a calming view when tenants come home. Drip irrigation was installed for watering.